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Unwrapping  Gifts

Angel Reach Christmas 2018

Over the Holiday season of 2018, we sponsored 20 young adults who have aged out of the foster care system. We were given a gift list for each of the young adults and were able to fulfill each of these lists because of the generous support from our donors. While it was certainly a time-intensive project, it was incredibly rewarding.

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Backpack 2018

Because of the success we had in the summer of 2017, we partnered again with the Greater Houston YMCA to provide backpacks for in-need schoolchildren. Hitting our goal, we doubled our effort from the previous summer and brought 100 backpacks stuffed with school supplies to Operation Backpack in August. 


Living Water International

During the Spring of 2018, we partnered with Living Water International and ShoeCrew Water Projects to bring used shoes and financial contributions in order to help them provide clean water to those who lack it. After such a large-scale project, we decided to narrow our focus back down to our community, where we felt like we could do the most good.


Food Bank Support

In the Fall of 2017, we shifted our focus towards helping the hungry in our community, and raised money to support the local food banks in our area- both the Montgomery County Food Bank and the Brazos Valley Food Bank. 


Hurricane Harvey Relief

When Hurricane Harvey struck in late August of 2017, we wanted to jump into the recovery effort. Because of the help from our donors, we were able to provide physical and financial resources to aid those in need- from food to clothes, we did our best to support those in our community.



Backpack 2017

Our first event- we had just started the Backstage Foundation in June, and didn't know how we would make a difference in our community. We partnered with the Greater Houston YMCA and were able to provide 50 fully-stuffed backpacks for children in our community.

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